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About Us

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About Us

In this world of rapid technology advancements and synthetic products’ whirlwind, Lilza Greens strives to make the world a better place by producing alternatives to daily-used products. These include eco-friendly decors in living spaces like pillowcases, cushions, and kitchen accessories that include aprons, jute baskets as organizers, pots, planters, etcetera.

Our Company Mission

Make the world an eco-conscious and sustainable place to live in by giving back to nature what has been taken, thereby ensuring healthy living!

The Vision

Lilza Greens envisions along with its founder a socially responsible and eco-friendly product usage world where carbon footprint is significantly reduced and recycling is key!

Founder Story

Aimed at making a vivid source of income for the female community, Ms Mini Elizabeth Eapen voluntarily relinquished her successful career with an MNC and laid the cornerstone for a business where many people can find a living by crafting handmade eco-friendly products.